Hifdh Posts

This page will provide a series of posts on tips for memorizing Quran, revising, and general advice on Quran.

Hifdh Post #1- Why is memorizing the Quran so hard for me?

Since this is my first post for my hifdh posts, I decided to start with a topic that we can share on common ground. A common complaint that we hear nowadays is” why is the Quran so hard for me to memorize”, or “why did Allah(SWT) make the Quran so hard”? The answer is simple. He didn’t make it hard. In fact, Allah mentions in Surah Qamar, Verse 17, “And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” If this verse isn’t clear, then keep reading the Surah, because it doensn’t end there. It doesn’t mention the Quran being easy only once, but mentions it 4 times in the same Surah! So, our excuse is not based on the Quran being made hard to memorize, but something else. We might just be too lazy, or not willing to do it.  In changing this attitude, with a little Dua and hard work, the Quran will be made easy for us and will stay firm in our hearts, inshallah.



An example of a student and young teacher helping each other in the Quran

Hifdh Post # 2- The Importance of finding a teacher for Quran

Bismilahir Rahmanirrahim,

Salaamu Alaykum brothers and sisters. Welcome to another hifdh post. Inshallah, in this post, we will mention the importance of finding a teacher before even trying to learn the Holy Quran.  Now, in the previous HP(Hifdh Post), we mentioned the basic complaint of many students of Quran. Now, we must identify a solution, and how we can learn the Quran step by step. Now, we’ll start off with a basic story. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) mentions in a hadith known as “Hadith Jibril” which can be found in many hadith books, that he was sitting amongst the Sahaba. Jibril (AS) came in the form of a man, and the hadith goes on with Jibril questioning the Prophet (SAW) on faith and other things. My point that I’m getting at is that at the end of the hadith, the Prophet tells the Sahaba that the man who they didn’t know who came in to the Masjid was actually Jibril! Not only that, but this would soon become the Prophet (SAW)’s first teacher. You see, the importance of finding a teacher for Quran is that it teaches discipline, respect, and creates a bond between the teacher and the student. But finding just any teacher won’t do for hifdh. You need someone with some of the following characteristics-

  • Respectful
  • Creates friendships with other students
  • Caring…

And much more. Inshallah, stay tuned for the next HP.


Hifdh Post #3- Tips and methods for memorizing the Quran

Salaamu Alaykum,

Welcome to today’s HP. Today, we will discuss some basic tips on memorizing Quran, in a list.

  • Make your intention solely for Allah (SWT) and not for worldly/material gain
  • Begin your lesson either 30-40 minutes before Fajr,(I know it’s hard:)) or right after Salat Fajr
  • Use one mushaf- now, look closely at your mushaf and repeat the first ayat between 10-20 times- Whatever suits you
  • Now, after you read about 7 or 8 lines, read those ayats together 10-20X
  • Repeat for the other half page
  • Connect the page by reading the whole page 20X
  • Inshallah, the page should be solid after this method

Hope this post helps,


HP- 10/18/14- Salaamu Alaykum viewers,

welcome to another hifdh post. In this HP, we will feature the importance of reciting the Holy Quran with tajweed. Now, tajweed means in a general sense the proper and correct pronunciation of the huruf, or letters in the Quran. Now, I will list some basic importances of learning Tajweed.

  • Allah (SWT) mentions in his Quran,” …And recite the Quran with measured recitation.” [Quran 73:4]
  • This is an obligation upon every Muslim and Muslimah!
  • Tajweed was the ways the Quran was revealed on out Prophet(SAW) from Jibril(AS)
  • Let us remember the words of the great Tajweed master, Ibn Jazari when he says- “And applying Tajweed is an issue of absolute necessity, Whoever doesn’t apply Tajweed to the Qur’an, then a sinner is he!”
  • Not reading with proper tajweed can completely utter the meaning of the actual Quran!
  • Finally, tajweed is an example of beautifying the blessed Quran, and “whoever doesn’t recite beautifully isn’t from us” as the Prophet said.

11/3/14- Sorry for not posting in so long,

How is everyone doing? As for me, I’m doing fine alhamdullilah. Today’s HP is based on setting a schedule. The importance of keeping a tight schedule for Quran is so serious, as it keeps the student of Quran in check and on point. I’ll show you my schedule for this week, and inshallah, it can show the way for others.

Quran Schedule

Date Daily Lesson Daily Review Daily Total for Review Pass or Fail
Monday11/3/14 1 ½ Pages of Surah Nur 5 Pages of Furqan2 Pages Baqarah

Juz 3(FULL)

27 Pages Review
Tuesday11/4/14 Finish Surah Nur 5 Pages (Furqan+Shuaraa)2 Pages Baqarah

Juz 4( 5 Pages)

12 Pages
Wednesday11/5/14 1 ½ Pages of Surah Muminoon 5 Pages (Shuaraa)2 Pages Baqarah

Juz 4(5 Pages)

12 Pages
Thursday11/6/14 1 ½ Pages of Surah Muminoon 5 Pages (Shuaraa+Naml)Finish Surah Baqarah

Juz 4(5 Pages)

14 Pages
Friday11/7/14 2 Pages of Surah Muminoon 5 Pages (Naml)Surah Imran (5 Pages)

Finish Juz 4

15 Pages
Saturday11/8/14 Pass 8 Pages of New Lesson
Sunday11/9/14 Subac- 10 Pages Baqarah+ Some of Imran

Hopefully, you all benefited from this, as I have benefited greatly.


11/27/14- Salaams Brothers and Sisters,

Deep apologies for not posting in so long,

Today’s HP will mention the importance of giving motivation to students of the Quran.

  1. Without motivation, the student of Quran will not succeed. This is because they will have absolutely nothing to look forward to.
  2. Secondly, when the student of Quran understands that what they are learning from the Quran is coming from the Most Merciful (Ar-Rahman), then they will understand that the task of learning the Quran will gradually become easier.
  3. Finally, when one is motivated to learn the Quran completely, then soon inshallah, they will be motivated by it.

Like they say, “Some people run towards the light of the people, while some run towards the light of Allah (SWT) and end up shining for the people.”

Alhamdullilah,  I have finished my hifdh of the Quran, but something we should all ask ourselves is, what’s next? This may be regarding acting upon the Quran, being the most important for completing the quran, or revision as to keep our hifdh strong. Some of you may be wondering, how?

As for acting upon the Quran, we can see the Quran itself mentioning its reason for Revelation. This is a Book, We have sent down to you full of blessing, so that they may ponder over its verses and so that the people of reflection take heed.” [Soorah Sad (38): 29]

In looking @ this verse, we can easily see that the quran is a role model, and should be followed as such. If we do not act upon it, then this can lead to punishment and numerous sins on our side.

revision 1quran1

As for revision, we should indeed put more emphasis on this than actually me  morizing new daily lessons, mainly because it is dangerous to forget the Quran one has previously learned. They should set a daily revision goal depending on the strength of their memorization and review, and also on their daily schedule. Stay posted on how I do review daily for my Quran revision




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