I finished the Quran… But what’s next?

Alhamdullilah,  I have finished my hifdh of the Quran, but something we should all ask ourselves is, what’s next? This may be regarding acting upon the Quran, being the most important for completing the quran, or revision as to keep our hifdh strong. Some of you may be wondering, how?

As for acting upon the Quran, we can see the Quran itself mentioning its reason for Revelation. This is a Book, We have sent down to you full of blessing, so that they may ponder over its verses and so that the people of reflection take heed.” [Soorah Sad (38): 29]

In looking @ this verse, we can easily see that the quran is a role model, and should be followed as such. If we do not act upon it, then this can lead to punishment and numerous sins on our side.

revision 1quran1

As for revision, we should indeed put more emphasis on this than actually me  morizing new daily lessons, mainly because it is dangerous to forget the Quran one has previously learned. They should set a daily revision goal depending on the strength of their memorization and review, and also on their daily schedule. Stay posted on how I do review daily for my Quran revision

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